23 February 2017

After 34 years of wholesaling general trade and scholarly remainders, Sandpiper Books Ltd has now developed almost entirely into a mail order and eCommerce company selling discounted and newly published books through our monthly Postscript catalogues which we mail to over 125,000 regular book buyers, mainly in the UK.

We will continue to purchase considerable quantities from publishers and wholesalers, with the bulk of the titles going into the Postscript catalogue, along with other direct sales channels.


Click on the catalogues above to go to www.psbooks.co.uk

From time to time lists for wholesale will be available, but not as regularly as Sandpiper has issued them in the past, and their timing will depend on the build up of a sufficient number of titles to make the lists varied and appealing.

There are no titles available at present but we can keep you on our mailing and email lists and contact you as soon as wholesale stock is available.

If you are not already receiving updates, email enquiries@sandpiper.co.uk with your full details and you will be added to our wholesale list.


This site is for trade customers only. If you are an individual, library or institution, click here for our Postscript Mail Order website www.psbooks.co.uk.